Thalia Vogiatzoglou

Thalia Vogiatzoglou


MSc Architect Engineer, ARB

Thalia was born in Athens, Greece. She studied architecture in the National Technical University of Athens and has worked for architectural practices in the UK and Greece and as an award winning freelance architect. Thalia’s portfolio varies from urban landscape, large commercial and retrofit cultural projects to smaller scale residential and retail.

Thalia particularly enjoys the creative process of architecture, where the architect’s vision interlocks with the client’s expectations.

’As speed and fast delivery has become one of the main objectives and inevitably an area of professional competition, it is important that the concept design evolves without compromise on the quality of the space it produces. It takes good management and a team of diverse skill, to deliver architecture of utmost quality, within programme and budget.  This people-specific, rather than role-specific job running approach at Stanley Bragg, ensures that clients get the best out of a strong -and happy- design team ’.

Outside the office, Thalia is mainly a mum, but can still find some time for playing the piano, painting and dancing.  Weekends with family and friends, good food and skype compensate for the British weather.