Kevin Harrison

Kevin Harrison

Senior Architect

BA (Hons), Dip Arch, RIBA

In August 2005, Kevin began his career at Stanley Bragg after working within the local authority sector. His experience includes working on educational buildings, community centres and village halls, hotels and residential work, including listed buildings.

As a specialist in educational buildings, Kevin’s work has focused on school projects for Essex County Council including a new collaboration learning centre for primary schools and learning facilities for special needs children. Although, he also loves the opportunity of being involved in a variety of project types at Stanley Bragg.

He enjoys the interaction with his clients, Local Authorities and work colleagues when working through the design process, and working at the detail design level of a project.

“The sense of achievement you get on successfully completing a project is second to none. It’s why I love the industry we work in and what we do.”

With the varying array and nature of the work undertaken at Stanley Bragg, Kevin revels in dealing with, and understanding, a wide spectrum of people and groups within the local community and wider society.

Kevin uses Tai Chi Chuan to relax, and enjoys visiting gardens and places of historical interest. He mixes these days out with badminton, gardening, walking and bird watching. Every now and again, you may even find him trying to play his guitar.